Para uma criança, amor e carinho nunca são demais

About us

The Caminho da Vida Association – Dona Vera Home was established in 1996 as a temporary home for children who have been legally separated from abusive parents. Our mission is to care for children until they can be reunited with their biological families or placed in caring adoption homes.

The Home currently cares for 12 children who arrived at the institution at ages ranging from newborn to 4 years old. Our goal is to satisfy all the children’s needs while they’re with us, ensuring not just that they’re comfortable, well-fed, and loved, but also providing excellent professional care from volunteer doctors, psychologists, dentists, and other experts who offer their services for the sheer love of it.


The Caminho da Vida Association was established by a group of friends to care for children, regardless of race, color or creed. Founded in May 1996, the association soon established a fund to turn its dreams into reality. Thanks to that fund, the current Home was purchased and furnished in 1997 and opened its doors in 1998.


We operate largely thanks to donations of cash, products, and services.

The organization also receives income from our monthly charity bazaar and from Curitiba’s Municipal Council for Children and Adolescents. The organization is managed by the Association’s president and a four-person board of directors. Both the president and the board members are unpaid volunteers.

Three permanent employees and a driver take care of the children in our charge. In addition, a social worker keeps track of the status of each child and his/her family and sends regular updates to the Children’s Court. These four staff members are paid and legally employed.


To learn more about our work, please contact the association’s president, Monica Tindó, by phone at +55 (41) 3364-8979 or by email at Already scheduled a visit?

The Dona Vera Home
+55 (41) 3364-8979 Rua Adolfo Lutz, 62
Jardim Pinheiros Curitiba, Paraná Brazil